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The Return of a Classic!

Westgate Commemorative T- Shirts

Our Original Classic design from the 1990's updated to reflect the 36th Anniversary of Westgate, silk screened using high quality silver ink
(NOT ink jet printed) onto high quality black cotton T's. Limited Edition, so get yours before they are gone!

If you wish to order multiple shirts, please email us at and we will make a special Paypal button just for you to help you save on group shipping!

Order Westgate T-Shirt,

Sizes Available

Order Westgate T-Shirt,

Sizes Available

Hand Carved Black Onyx Skulls

Hand Carved from genuine Jet Black imported Onyx. Each skull is appx. 2" x 2".
No two are alike! Perfect for your Necromantic Altar!
Click on the image for a side view!

Hand Carved Skull- $25.00

Order Hand Carved Skull,
domestic for $25

Order Hand Carved Skull,
international for $25

Necromantic Staves

The latest addition to our Unique Hand-made gallery!
Each staff is completely hand made from local wood from Louisiana Bayou Country.
This one is carved from Pecan and the hilt is Wisteria. It is fashioned with a hand carved Genuine Amethyst globe (appx. 1.5")
and is finished with Genuine Onyx inlays, black leather hand grip, silver branch caps, black feathers and silver roping.
All of our staves are waxed with Teak Oil only, (NO polyurathane products) to allow for a more symbiotic connection
between the user and the staff. The staff has a rubber foot. These are ONE OF A KIND ITEMS!
Click on the image for another view. If you want more images, simply drop us an email.
Commissions gladly accepted on these items! More to come!

Click here to see some previously created Staves

Necromantic Stave- $250.00


Permutations- Divining Death & Night

Westgate's 30th Anniversary Commemorative Project

Featuring a CD of Original music by Daniel Kemp and spoken invocations by both Leilah Wendell and Daniel Kemp. Also included, is a signed and numbered original art poster print by Leilah and two legal sized, double sided antique parchment scrolls of devotions; One to Death and one to Night, plus a box of Westgate's favourite incense cones to help set the mood. A perfect way to honour both the Lord and Lady. This is a Special Limited Edition item so order while they last!

Permutations- Divining Death & Night, $25.00

Order Permutations - Divining Death & Night,
domestic for $25

Order Permutations - Divining Death & Night,
international for $25

Last Dance -The Necromantic Art of Leilah Wendell

Published in a Limited Edition Special Portfolio of 12 (8 x 11") Fine Art, Ready to Frame Plates. Each portfolio is signed and numbered by the artist and the edition is limited to 2000 copies. This is a one-time collection that will not be reprinted in this format again, making it a truly collectable item and an affordable and compact way for you to literally "own" a part of the Westgate Gallery collection. The 12 Full Colour Plates are each printed on 80 lb. c2s gloss enamel paper, inserted into a full colour 12 pt. c1s portfolio with Provenance list and pull out text insert.

The Definitive Dance Macabre For Romantics!
ISBN0944087086    $20.00

Sold Out

The Scrolls of Unmaking, Vol's. 1 - 3

by Daniel Kemp

Volume 1 is a commentary upon various things "magickal", from the point of view of someone who's been "there and back again". Inspired by conversations & experiences over the years with other "ceremonial" types. Read at your own risk! These words are not gentle Destined to bring down "lord high whatsisname", regardless of his affiliation, through sarcasm and humour.

Volume 2, "Pagan Gnosis", offers an alternative to what Volume one tore down. A way for you to build your own reality.

Volume 3 is simply to "the Lady" - reflections & expressions of natural beauty.

Each "scroll" is printed on high quality parchment and hand burnished and signed by the author. These volumes 34 pages long. Comes rolled and tied, looks and feels like an antique scroll. Highly collectable! Other volumes will follow, this is an ongoing project.

The Scrolls of Unmaking, Vol's. 1 - 3

Order The Scrolls of Unmaking,
domestic for $30

Order The Scrolls of Unmaking,
international for $30

by Daniel Kemp

"A paean to the Dark Goddess of the Night sky with ambient soundscapes that caress the ears. Daniel Kemp's evocative keyboards illuminate the unfolding veils of the Spirit of the Night. Within this aural embrace, your spirit is set free to dance with the shining darkness of the night sky."

01 - Invocation
02 - (Twilight) Night Rise
03 - Starlight
04 - Spirits
05 - Lost (In Open Arms)
06 - Voice
07 - Ascent
08 - Unveiling (A Body Clothed With Stars)
09 - Love
10 - Love (Returning)
11 - Amongst The Stars
12 - Descent
13 - Unfolding Within
14 - Shadows Fall (Fare Thee Well)
15 - Nights Ending
16 - Oracle

Running Time 57:29

Through the music on the CD I am attempting to tell the story of a very large part of my early life, but musically within the space of one night. My meeting "the Lady" when I was young and some of the experiences then and thereafter.It is meant, also, as a musical companion to The Book of Night.

All of the pieces were recorded April to August, 2004. Some pieces are like ambient soundscapes, some pieces are more classical flavoured. It is my hope that there will be something to like for just about everyone.

Order Invocation,
domestic for $15

Order Invocation,
international for $15

by Daniel Kemp

"Voices evocatively tells the story of a life interrupted by disaster. Flowing instrumental sound-scapes, infused with Daniel's own spoken-word readings from his best selling book, The Book of Night, incorporating angelic guest vocals by Mary Riley and Katja Mueller"

01 - Voices
02 - Ammum Mutum
03 - The Gateless Gate
04 - Floating
05 - Memories
06 - Peace
07 - Night
08 - Silence
09 - Solitude
10 - Limbo
11 - Now What
12 - Leilah
13 - Letherian
14 - Blood
15 - Nox
16 - Requiem For Orleans
17 - Aftermath

Running Time 58:33

This CD is both an expansion from the Invocation CD and also a musical reaction to Hurricane Katrina. Some of the songs were actually composed just before and just after the storm.

Imagine the music of the stars, Voices is a collection of celestial symphonies punctuated by the influence of America's most formidable catastrophe. A truly unique blending of classical and modern instrumentation, infused with old-school Progressive keyboards, haunting vocals and a dark, brooding undertone influenced by Daniel's connection to the Dark Goddess.

Special thanks to Mary Riley and Katja Mueller for lending their voices to this project.

"It all comes down to sitting in front of my keyboard with my eyes closed...remembering the feeling of floating out amidst the stars. It was then and there I met what I call, The Lady, for the sky threw itself back at me. All of my music starts with that moment of remembrance, and then gets modified by the world at large."

Each CD is available for $15

Order Voices,
domestic for $15

Order Voices,
international for $15

St. Michael Sculpture

Italian Imports - Santini Collection- Highly Collectable!

Italians have always been known for their remarkable art and design .In addition to their original sculptures and other fine art they are also known for their detailed marble castings. How are they made? This fine statue is created by reconstituting real Carrara marble (approximately 70% marble and 30% resin). This allows for exceptional detail that would be very difficult (if not impossible) to sculpt from a solid block of marble.

This piece is supported by a genuine black Carrara marble base to give it the elegance it deserves..Available Finishes: Nature already provides a natural off-white finish.
We wouldn't want to cover up what is already perfect. Therefore, these pieces are left unfinished.

10" High

Order St. Michael Sculpture,
domestic for $150

Order St. Michael Sculpture,
international for $150