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Welcome to the heart of Cajun Country, Opelousas, LA.

Surrounded by winding bayous and coulees filled with murky water.....


...are nicely kept, sturdy brick houses that can actually weather whatever
Mother Nature tosses at her. This is where we live now.

Come on by, I'll show you around...Yes, that's a funeral wreath on
the front door and a Grim Reaper welcome sign.


This whole area was once a Pecan Orchard, so there are tons of Pecan trees
and fertile soil which makes everything grow lush and colourful.


I never had much soil in the city to grow things on, and the bit I did have was
just Mississippi muck, so it's nice to have flowers again...year-round!


It's very laid back and quiet around here.
Quite a departure from the rowdy party town we once knew....


I put these Knock-out roses in when we first moved here in 2007.
Wow! Look how they've grown.,

and grown....


.....and grown.
We planted almost everything because there wasn't much when we arrived.

This is a little grotto corner of our back yard......

But, this is the BEST part! No more Doughboys.
We finally got us a REAL pool! And, believe me, you need it here as it's much hotter in the summer than it was in NOLA because we much further from the Gulf.
Less rain and no breeze.

Dan wanted the fireplace, and I wanted the pool.
We found a place with BOTH. It's also much colder up here in the winter because we are further north and not in the "soup bowl" we were in before.


This is our entry way. No, not as grandiose as the one in NOLA,
but these houses aren't built for gothing out. They're built to withstand Louisiana weather.


We are adding our own touches, of course.
Some of which have gotten us some strange looks,
and a few people crossing themselves as they pass by.


I have one of my scythe's on the front porch, next to the bloody fountain,
and there's a skull shelf on the other side. Basically, "little" touches that DO get
noticed. Especially by kids with binoculars, who bring their "goth posse" by
every once in a while.


Most of the time, it's boiling hot down here, but we have gotten at
least one snow every winter since we've been here. Weird!!


WY'all remember Damien, no doubt. Been with us almost 15 years now
and still going strong and nasty as ever.

Sadly, We lost Ozzy in 2008 due to all that bad cat food that
had the wheat gluten from China. He was only 8 and he is missed.


Damien...and Dan got lonely, so we adopted him another little brother shortly thereafter.
Meet Xul......yeah, like the Sumerian demon in "Ghostbusters"


Shortly thereafter, came Omen. After all, if you have Damien,
you've got to have Omen. That was the name he came with. if 3 weren't enough, we went WAY across the state to
get this little Freaky thing with six claws on one paw,
and 5 on the other! He constaantly get stuck on everything!

And, here is our little family enjoying their new roost!
Damien on top (of course), Freaky Below, then Omen and onthe bottom, Xul.

More to come........Stay tuned!.


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