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Lord, here's come the flood....Never fall out of love with where you live...

because this can happen to you!.


The fires no one ever mentioned,

and the sea of rotting refridgerators.....


While Uptown did not flood, the tornado force winds took their toll.
165 mph in my yard!


Lost roofs...


Lost walls...


One house remains, while another does not.

Magazine Street is a ghost town.

filled with uninhabitable homes and sorrow...

The once mighty Oaks of our treelined street, decimated..


along with lives, and hopes and dreams.

And certainly, we were not immune to the forces of change.


This WAS a back yard.


This WAS the back balcony.


This WAS the back of the Annex.


Roof go bye-bye.....


Ceiling go bye-bye too.

Pipes and weatherboards and Mardi Gras beads everywhere.


The aftermath.......


Still there at Xmas....


The debris of our two houses, pile number...who knows??


Although we stayed for Katrina, we left 4 days later and ended up in this,
our first of many, many moves.....

Welcome to our trailer in Carencro, which we were ever so grateful for.


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