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The Angel of Death- Personifications/Encounters

Historical Personifications of Death
Select Cross-Cultural & Historical Personifications of Death

Modern Day Encounters With Death
First person encounters with Death from The Azrael Project Newsletter ™ Archive

Al Islaah
Some Muslim stories of encounters with the Angel of Death

Angelic Artistry
Tales of meeting the Angel of Death, Azrael

Dede Korkut & The Angel of Death
A prideful warrior is confronted by the Angel of Death. From the Sufi tradition.

Jewish Encyclopedia- Azrael
Some historical Rabbinical references regarding the Angel of Death

Muslim Encounters with the Angel of Death
Some interesting tales courtesy of

A Sufi Tale
The Angel of Death calls. A tale with a profound message for life

Death & Dying

A wonderful German site of every link to death!

Death & Dementia
Death and dark and links galore!

Funeral Consumer's Alliance
 Dedicated to a consumer's right to choose a meaningful, dignified & affordable funeral.

A wonderful & unique concept of mixing cremains and molten glass into glass orbs and touchstones!
Memorial photography, death masks, forums, postcards and more from this brand new site.

Interment & Funeralia

ABC Casket Factory
Professional trade quality caskets at a price for everyman.

The Bone Room
Human skeletons, fossils, jewelry, artifacts, all the genuine article

Cypress Lawn Memorial Park
The homepage of one of Colma California's most interesting cemeteries

Empire de la Mort
Ossuaries, cemeteries and charnel houses the world over!

Gerald Axelrod
The wonderful and haunting cemetery photos of Gerald Axelrod

Kensal Green Cemetery
A must visit if you ever get to the U.K., especially the catacombs first Sunday of the month!

Kim's Capuchin Catacombs Corpses of Palermo
Great photographic trip to the Capuchin Catacombs in Italy

Mountainview Cemetery
One of the most haunted and beautifully haunting cemeteries in the U.S.

Museum fur Sepulkralkultur-Kassel
A German Museum, founded in 1992 focusing on funerary culture (in German)

National Musuem of Funeral History
An actual museum located in Houston Texas that is well worth the journey!

Northstar Gallery
An extensive resource of Death imagery and its historical significance.

The Association for Gravestone Studies
A wonderfully comprehensive site for preservation and learning.

The Sepulcher
An extensive & informative site for Death and cemetery links.

Underground Paris
A virtual tour of the Parisian Catacombs. Very well done!

Art & Sculpture

Art 4 the Soul
The art, poetry, music and photography of Saturnelia Noxlux.

Art Magick
A wonderful resource for 19th Century Romanticist, Symbolist & Pre-Raphaelite art and poetry

Corpses for Sale
Incredibly realistic "corpses" hand tailored to your degree of decay. cool!

Gods for Future Religions
The most unusual sculpture of Ho Baron

Illusions Gallery
The place to purchase Preraphaeite reproductions of all themes

Images Torn From the Mouth of Madness
Please visit the wonderful website of artist P. Emerson Williams
Everything Edgar A. Poe and some nice surprises as well.

Rose of Blood
Pen and ink drawings or Rhiannon Cotter, friend and fellow necromantic

Simon Marsden Photograher
Finally a page dedicated to this extraordinary/haunting photographic genius

Society of Art Imagination
A wonderful art resource for surrealistic/visionary and eclectic art!

Spyxx Gallery
The unusual paintings of Stephen Polin. Very diverse work! Check out the "Sculpture Garden"

The wonderfully unique and always disturbing art of R.S. Connett since 1994!


Please take some time and visit an old friend and read his offerings!

"Dedicated to diversity"

Extensive collection of Gothic clothing, accessories and essentials from the UK

Chateau Bizarre
A wonderful resource for all things dark and lovely.

The Darkside
-Gothic resources from A to Z

Dark Side of the Net
We started our internet surfing here, an excellent springboard to what's out there! 10,000+ links!
A wonderful dark place featuring interactive articles, discussion, and TONS more.

Freedom From Religion
A non-profit site helping to keep the separation of church and state alive since 1978

For all you aging hippies out there! Be sure and check out Hippy Radio and the Hip Forums!

Motard Gothique
A very nice French site with some wonderful Notre Dame Photographs and more

Lorelei Shannon's most unusual and intriguing site. Check out "The Locked Room"

Pagan/Occult Pathways

Ananda Zone
Typhonian Magicks and 'The Shadow Tarot'

Coven of the Pentacle Wiccan Church
Legal Pagan marriages, handfastings and rites for all occassions plus more! Louisiana based.

Goat and Candle
An online newsletter for Pagans around the world

An on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more...

Occult World Ledger
"Serving the Occult, Wiccan & Pagan Community"

Real Magick
An excellent and extensive occult resource library. You can submit articles as well. Lots to do here!

Spiritual Directory
An inclusive and easy to navigate search engine

All Things Ouiga!

"The Witches Voice Online" A very complete Pagan site


Ghastly Ghosthunter
"Nothin' but hardcore ghost-hunting."

the Mystica
An on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism and paranormal featuring over 250 articles - The Paranormal Search Engine
Need I say more

The Spirit Search Directory
Spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal directory

UFOSeek - The Paranormal and UFO Search Engine
A formidable site for finding just about everything!


Automatism Press
The home of the publishers of  Morbid Curiosity Magazine

Cyber Psychos AOD
"The Magazine of Mental Aberrations", an 'evil dead tree publication'.

Feral House
Publishers of Apocalypse Culture II and other worthwhile "extreme" tomes.

Fortean Times
The grand-daddy of paranormal magazines

Phoenix Distributing
"Quality Books on Wicca & Related Subjects"


A really cool, comprehensive Nick Cave fan page

Black Sabbath
As close as I could find to an "official" site with up to date info, pics and sound

Brainticket Records
A very cool  indi metal label from John Perez (Solitude Aeternus) with all the amenities

Cathedral - The Official Site
If you like Black Sabbath, you're gonna love these guys! Extremely nice blokes, go click now!

Damien Youth
Get his music and get it NOW,  a talented individual!

The Leonard Cohen Files
The Man, the Music and the Mythos of this legendary "Golden Voice".

Nick Cave Online
The official Nick Cave website! Get all of the latest info and new track samples here! He's GREAT!
Need I say more? One can never have enough of the Ozz-Man!

The Strawb's Official Website
If you don't know who they are, you're too damn young!

Amorteus Nocturne
Visit our friends musical temple space here


Art & Sculpture


Pagan/Occult Pathways

Your Metaphysical Supply Store Online



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