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Custom Lamp Sculptures by Leilah Wendell
All images © by the artist. All Rights Reserved!

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"Blue Glass Table Lamp"
16" tall

"Triple Goddess lamp"
14" high

"Victorian Accent Lamp"
13" high

"Victorian Crypt Lantern"
Made from patinaed copper & bronze cemetery
items found in my travels, along with genuine Amethyst points
at the base, interwoven with purple and green gems and topped
with two Victorian frosted glass shades.

$350.00 US

"Oriental Memorial Lantern"
Hand-punched aluminium & wood.
$75.00 US

Order Oriental Memorial Lantern,
domestic for $75

"Amber Glass Eternalite"
15" tall
Click image to see the pattern
the glass creates on the wall!

$60.00 US



"Play Me My Song"
Faux Stained Glass lamp, completely hand-made ,
incorporating iradescent purple glass gems, metallic cornices
and filagree rosettes.
Hand stained on wooden base.
Click on image for top view.
$100.00 US

"Alchemical Death"
Faux Stained Glass lamp, completely hand-made
and hand stained featuring the alchemical Death sigil.
incorporating ruby glass gems, metallic finials and stain fringe.

Click image for another view!
$100.00 US

Order Alchemical Death,
domestic for $100

"Love & Death"
Faux Stained Glass lamp, completely hand-made
and hand coloured featuring
the original cover of "Shadows in the Half-Light".
The angel wings are liquid mother of pearl,
finished with ice blue glass gems, filagree rosettes
and metal top finials.
Click image for another view!


"Santa Muerte"
Faux Stained Glass lamp, completely hand-made ,
and hand stained incorporating liquid Mother of pearl swirl paint, real human hand bones, silk fringe and jeweled top.
Click here for close up!
Click here for top view!
$100.00 US


"Santa Muerte 2 "
Faux Stained Glass lamp, completely hand-made ,
and hand stained incorporating liquid Mother of pearl swirl paint lid, metal finial legs on a solid white antique marble base. The lid is topped with a hand carved yak bone skull.
Click here for another view!
$100.00 US

"Play Me My Song, Again Sam"
(Because many asked that I make a similar,
but not the same as the first.)
This one features a filigree paper webbing inlay, and is hand stained with a high jewel look. Metalic cornices and decorated with clear glass gems . It is on a black wooden base and has a hinged top.
Click on the image to view the top design.
$100.00 US


"Death & the Maiden"
Faux stained glass, handmade lamp
incorporating dark blue glass gems, faux amethyst top jewel and spun glass floral embellishments into the base.
Click here for top view.


Order Death & the Maiden,
domestic for $100

"Gothic Lacelamp"
Faux stained glass lamp, completely hand made
incorporating antique black lace
black silk fringe and glass baubles.
The top is purple & mother of pearl swirl paint .

$100.00 US

Order Gothic Lace Lamp,
domestic for $100

"Skull Torchiere"
Hand Cast Skull using Vatican Art Casting stone,
topped with hardened velvet and an antique lamp vase.
Finished with a blue glaze & topped with an antique
frosted swirl globe affiexed with ble glass gems
Appx. 24 inches tall

$300.00 US



Each of these lamps is completely hand-made. They are one of a kind and highly collectable.
Custom Lamp Commissions Welcome! New Designs added regularly.
Please click here to see our archive of sold lamp designs.