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Below are some examples of sold lamp designs so you can see what else I've done.

Custom Lamp Sculptures by Leilah Wendell
All images © by the artist. All Rights Reserved!

"Saint Death with Heart Lamp"
(pictured lit )

Mixed Media Wall Lamp Sculpture
2 ft. by 4 ft.

"Azrael Torchiere"
30" high (pictured unlit)


"Amorte 2"
24" high (pictured unlit)

Cemetery Lantern

"Flaming Rose"
12" high (pictured unlit)


Floral Lantern

"The Mummy Lamp"
36" high

"Victorian Accent Lamp 2"
19" high


"She Who Waits"
18" high (pictured unlit)

Each of these lamps is completely hand-made. They are one of a kind and highly collectable.
Custom Lamp Commissions Welcome! New Designs added regularly.

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