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Hand Sculpted One of a Kind Jewelry

The items featured below are one of a kind, handmade items. Each piece is hand crafted from sculpted polymer clay, resin or a combination of both. No two are alike. They are meant to invoke the style and concept of Victorian Jet and Vulcanite Mourning pieces, with my own uniquely Necromantic twist. Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity! You will not find these anywhere else but at Westgate!

Want a custom piece? Just ask!

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*If you want to purchase multiple items - tell us what you want, your country or state, and we will create a Custom Payment Button just for you that will save you money on shipping costs!!!

Santa Muerte Pendants

Santa Muerte Pendant encased behind a round, domed glass cabochon (hence the light shadow when I scanned it). It is finished in a light bronze metallic and measures a little over an Inch round, and comes on a matching chain. Only a LIMITED number of these are AVAILABLE.

Order Santa Muerte Pendant,
domestic for $15 (includes shipping)

Order Santa Muerte Pendant,
overseas for $20 (includes shipping)

This large pendant (3.5" wide) is a Polymer cast of a vintage piece guilded in opalescent blue and finished on a heavy black satin cord.

Order Handcast Skull Pendant,
domestic for $40

Order Handcast Skull Pendant,
international for $40

Historical New England gravestone image hand painted onto 2"x2" oak panel, guilded with silver edging and hung on satin black ribbon.

Order New England Gravestone Image,
domestic for $25

Order New England Gravestone Image,
international for $25


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