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Our Name Is Melancholy,
The Complete Books of Azrael

by Leilah Wendell
ISBN 0-944087-140

435 Pages, Revised and Expanded 4th Edition which includes an all new Book 3 and 4 as well as expansions on the original text.
This Printing also includes a very Limited Hardcover Edition which is signed & numbered by the author.
$21.95 illustrated softcover/$39.95 hardcover

"It might shock, intimidate, seduce, sadden you, sound unbelievable, or make perfect sense. But it will not leave you unaffected...This is an expression of love that is all encompassing between two spirit halves separated by the Ultimate Mystery...A story of, quite literally, love from beyond the grave."

In 1988, readers and reviewers hailed the First Edition of  The Book of Azrael "the most fascinating book of the 20th century". A 16 years Best Seller of occult non-fiction, it sparked a subtle revolution in the way we deal with death in general, and Death the entity. It brought us up close and personal with the melancholy spectre commonly known as the Grim Reaper. The book's aim is to bring humanity to a greater understanding of His purpose here, and hereafter.

This latest edition of OUR NAME IS MELANCHOLY - The Complete Books of Azrael has been revised, re-edited and expanded to include an all-new Book 3 and 4 as well as additions to the original manuscript. Through the Angel of Death's own words and the writings of His incarnate soul mate, this awesome spirit reveals to all His true nature and purpose. A haunting "autobiography" of the Angel of Death, this revelationary testament is both mighty in sorrow, and joy. Azrael is an eerie herald who has come to enchant the world with a divine danse macabre.

For the ultimate tale of Love and Death is, indeed, a True Story.

Order Our Name is Melancholy
softcover, domestic for $21.95

Order Our Name is Melancholy
hardcover, domestic for $39.95

Order Our Name is Melancholy
softcover, international for $21.95

Order Our Name is Melancholy
hardcover, international for $39.95

Intimate Portrayals of Death

Edited by Leilah Wendell
ISBN 0944087159

121 Pages, Hardcover Signed First Edition. 60 full colour plates/54 b&w plates reproduced on 100 lb archival gloss text.
Foil stamped black cloth cover with dust jacket.
ON SALE FOR 2015 ONLY $20.00

"Death has many faces, but very rarely is Life's most faithful muse exposed for It's seductiveness, compassion, and contemplative nature. Most mortals still tend to view Death as "the King of Terrors". Perhaps it's simply that artists can tap into a deeper well of understanding, or that as their muse, Death can impart a more gentle mien allowing the artist to share with brush, pen and stone, what he or she sees with the world at large. 

This brand new volume aims to showcase over 115 evocative portraits of Death by several artists, sculptors and photographers. Some may be familiar, others have never been published prior to this project, and many were created especially for the Westgate Museum Collection. Herein we see Death not just as consoler and confidant, but also as friend, and even lover to those willing to see with the same eyes as those He has inspired."

Order Necromance,
hardcover, domestic for $20

Order Necromance,
hardcover, international for $20

Eros in Exile
by Leilah Wendell
ISBN 0944087124
Illustrated Softcover

A BRAND NEW illustrated book collection of darkly inspirational verse by everyone's favourite necromancer, features colour plates of the author's original artwork. This is a limited edition, signed  item. So reserve your copy NOW!

Order Eros in Exile,
softcover, domestic for $15

Order Eros in Exile,
softcover, international for $15

The Book of Night
by Daniel Kemp
ISBN 0-944087132
Trade Paperback, illustrated

An intimate invitation, through poems and prose, into the star-filled embrace of The Lady of the night skye. She that is the shadow side of the Godsoul speaks from Her lonely throne of shining darkness. Each vision, a facet of Her jewelled gaze, visible to all who would simply seek out the solitary silence of the starlit sky and look out in wonder and reverence at Her vast splendour. The Book of Night is a kiss from the infinite and true Dark Goddess too long forgotten in the hearts and souls of men, bidding us all to "hearken and remember".

Order The Book of Night,
softcover, domestic for $12.95

Order The Book of Night,
softcover, international for $12.95

Life in the House of Death
by Daniel Kemp
ISBN 0-9627623-4-2
Red Foil Embossed Illustrated-Trade Softcover Edition

"The House of Death is not Westgate alone, it is the world, the universe, everything.... We all exist within it. Yet some of us ignore this fact, some of us revel in it. How many can say that Night whispers sweet nothings down at them in their sorrow? How many can claim the dark spectre of the Angel of Death as their doting Uncle? We are all "alive" in the House of Death...Life itself is the House of Death, and each individual's perception and viewpoint is a valid commentary. Daniel Kemp's viewpoint is bifocal. At once, being part of that which we all share... Life, in the midst of death, but also, there is a secondary aspect. One with a more magnified view; Life hand in hand with Death. Death as confidant, friend and advisor. The ever - overbearing Uncle that one tends to dismiss except in times of turmoil when such sage advice is the only key to reason. As humanity, we abide day to day, and night to night in the House of Death. And it is to all of you that one voice resonates from the heart, and with any hope, into the soul. "Irreverent, intense, almost Kerouac/Burroughs like in its musing on the human life/death and magickal condition...Yet, ultimately it is about life in the midst of death and embracing life after recognizing death."

Order Life in the House of Death,
softcover, domestic for $12.95

Order Life in the House of Death,
softcover, international for $12.95


The Necromantic Ritual Book
by Leilah Wendell
ISBN 0-944087-03-5
Silver Foil Embossed cover, illuminated pages, illustrated trade paper

For many, ritual is a way to formally connect with specific currents of energy. The rituals in this book are intended to align one's soul with the "Death Energy". One might ask, what is "Death Energy"? Simply expressed, it is the current of transition. The workings in this unique book will permit the magician to bask in the "lifeforce" of the Angel of Death. Successful working of any of these devotions will enable you to share consciousness with the Angel of Death on an intimate level, as well as becoming "one" with your own death. Chapters include; "Getting To Know You", simple exercises to get comfortable in Death's presence, "Connecting With the Death Energy", "The Summoning of Shadows", "A Note on Temples", (the finest temples call to us, we need not erect them in a physical sense.) "Accessing The Gates", "Ritual Sculpting", (creating the perfect golem and animating it through empowerment rituals) and "High Necromancy", not for the faint of heart nor the fearful. These are rites of passion and devotion for the accomplished and sincere practitioner. The Necromantic Ritual Book is a lamp unto the realm of shadows, dispelling fear with understanding.

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